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Our finger scanner is produced by IdentiMetrics and is a proven system for accurate recording of the students who are passing through the school. The finger scanner does not copy our finger prints, nor is a fingerprint image ever stored. No Fingerprints can be recreated from the template. It creates a unique Binary Code that reads a person's
specific finger within a second. We suggest using both index fingers to ensure that a proper reading will always and conveniently be available.

The advantage of our system is time accuracy and the savings it produces by always being present to be a silent watch for perfect record keeping. The finger scanner can be used by entering Attendance, Meal Counting, Nurses Office, Transportation and much more. It has never recorded a fingerprint--just a code for the computer. More items today are using similar technology such as Disney and Apple Computer.

Why you should use the Finger Scanner System:

  • 100% accurate records
  • Speedy Lunch Lines
  • Save time for paperwork
  • Save school's budget