Finger scanner system

The eSchoolCore finger scanner is produced by IdentiMetrics and has been proven as an accurate system of measurement for attendance, tardiness, late arrivals, early departures and meal counts of each student attending our schools.

Identimetrics finger scanner

The finger scanner can be used to streamline all of these daily functions:

  • Entering Attendance
  • Late Arrivals
  • Early Departures
  • Meal Counting

Our technology never copies or stores student fingerprints, nor can fingerprints be recreated from the template by identity thieves. Instead it creates a unique binary code for each student's specific finger within a second, insuring maximum security of the student's identity.

Why you should use the Finger Scanner System:

  • 100% accurate records
  • Speedy Lunch Lines
  • Save time for paperwork
  • Save school's budget

Be Sure to Check Out Our Video Section of finger Scanners in action

With our finger scanner technology, students just scan their fingers and a tardy slip is printed with the attendance data automatically saved into the system.

  • Streamlines taking attendance.
  • Eliminating data entry.
  • Automatically saved.


Watch how easily our Finger Scanner is integrated into a daily routine to streamline the late arrivals and early departures at one of our client's locations.


Faster Check-in and Out

Automatically Updates Attendance Data

No More Messing with Paperwork and Hall Passes

Cafeteria Use

Finger Scanners can be implemented to increase the speed of lunch lines and increase meal count accuracy.


Speedy Lunch Lines

Accurate Meal Counts

No Messy Paperwork

A Case Study

Results After 3 years of Implementing Our Finger Scanner System at Alta Vista

Alta Vista Charter School is located in Kansas City, Missouri, and is one of the 53 charter schools in the Kansas City area.

Through all these years, Alta Vista Charter School has had many successes and challenges. Like most charter schools, our priority is accountability and security, which provide an educational setting that addresses the needs of our students, who are predominately low-income and of Hispanic heritage. We wanted a complete solution that could accurately and quickly get the students processed into our Information System for attendance and meal records. This way, the security would be enhanced, and the teaching time would be increased. Our goal is to keep it simple for the students and staff; and, on top of that, save our school budget.

"Budget savings follows time savings because the system allows our teachers and staff to do their best work with less time."
- Sonia Lopez

We found that eSchoolCore System was the solution. The Finger Scanner System is well accepted by the students and staff. Our staff mastered the program quickly. The students enjoy the new way of checking-in. Attendance and meal lines move quickly, and the information is recorded correctly. The teachers and staff do not need to manually type in the students’ information. Meal and attendance records are accurate and auditable. The finger scanner system eliminates the need for paperwork. All the reports are always ready for auditing. After all, it helps save our school’s administrative cost.


After 3 years of implementing the finger scanner system, we are pleased to find that we can save from 20 to 40 hours per week for attendance check-in and related paperwork. We can also save 15 to 20 hours per week for meal check-in and related paperwork. Moreover, budget savings always follow time savings because the system allows our teachers and staff do their best work with less time. ESchoolCore finger scanner system has helped us improve efficiency of our school’s operation, which increased the teaching time and improved learning experience of our students.

Sonia Lopez,
Director of Food Services & Special Events
Alta Vista Charter Schools