For an Educational Benchmark

eSchoolCore (SIS) Student Information System, does everything your school needs.

  • Faculty
  • Health
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Grade Book
  • Grade Card
  • Attendance
  • Meal
  • Incident
  • Class
  • Reports
  • Accounting
  • Transcripts

When students, parents, educators, and partners have the right information to make decisions, students excel.

Data is one of the most powerful tools to inform, engage, and create opportunities for students along their education journey—and it‘s much more than test scores. Data helps us make connections that lead to insights and improvements. Everyone has an important role to play in helping all students succeed in their own individualized ways.

eSchoolCore is committed to educational efficiency, our application assists teachers and administrators to better manage their time, so there is more time to spend with their students by utilizing today’s technology.

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Secure Portals


  • Ability to access, set and modify curriculum, and schedules for schools by district
  • Ability to create user accounts; set and change permissions for each user account
  • Ability to setup student curriculum and schedules
  • Ability to monitor, develop reports for attendance
  • Access to all health records, immunizations
  • Access to transcripts with the ability to modify
  • Finalization of gradecards with ability to mass print
  • Emergency Contacts, Siblings
  • Ability to track meal counts and generate daily reports
  • Faculty Information
  • Ability to generate invoices for students


  • Access to grade books with authority to modify, but not to finalize
  • Ability to take attendance for class roster
  • Access to communication log and disciplinary actions
  • Ability to print class schedules
  • Access to WIDA scores
  • Access to Basic student information, emergency contacts, siblings for students in their classes


  • Access to grades for each student
  • Access to attendance records for each child
  • Access to any disciplinary incidents for each child
  • Access to account balances for each child


  • Access to view their academic progress
  • Access to view their daily attendance records
  • Access to any disciplinary incidents