eSchoolCore: Features Late Attendance and Early Dismissal Finger Scanning

Are you a school administrator looking for a student information system built to fit your needs?  Perhaps you are looking for a PowerSchool alternative?

In any situation, eSchoolCore has the solutions you need!  eSchoolCore is one of the most intuitive Student Information System available on the market today. The key components of our software keep your school on track, save you time/money, and keep your students on task.

What can our Student Information System do that others can’t?
Late Attendance and Early Dismissal Finger Scanning-

Our Late Attendance finger scanning system is seamlessly integrated with our eSchoolCore student information system and provides schools with 100% Accurate records.

Our system streamlines late attendance, early dismissal,data entry, and eliminates unnecessary paperwork.  The student quickly scans their finger, our system prints out an automated late slip, and the student is back on their path to learning success!

  • Accounts are updated in real time, accurate and auditable.

  • No more lines of students waiting for a hall pass.

  • Real-time attendance tracking for each individual student.

  • No more paperwork and no more depleted accounts, which cuts down overhead expenses.