Students Take Control of Their Future

Student SuccessGetting the most out of their education building goals while promoting success.  Students take control of their future through the student portal on eSchool Core.

Education that is efficient for better managed time is key to the successful student.

Student Portal Access Benefits:

  • Attendance – This is one of the big factors to success, showing up on time, students can keep track with a glance.
  • Class Schedule – will always know where they need to be and when.
  • Grades – student can view, adjust goals as needed.
  • Behavior Awareness – Good or bad they can affect the student, classroom and home.  Students can keep track of theirs adjusting as necessary.

Other Features:

  • Safe
  • Secure

When students have the right information to make decisions, students excel.

Measure What Matters   Be clear about what students must achieve and have the data to ensure that all students are on track to succeed. (Source: make data work for students)

eSchoolCore (SIS) Student Information System, does everything your school needs to help keep your students on track through the whole school year.  Create opportunities for students while keeping them on their educational  journey. When used effectively, data empowers everyone!

Tami O’Meara support specialist, AP Software Services