Students Are Full Of Numbers

Bio-metrics- form of Identification and access control, Bio-metrics finger scanner turns a scan of a finger into unique numbers, per person, for the ID system.

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ID Management/Finger Scanner System

The eSchoolCore finger scanner is produced by IdentiMetrics and has been proven as an accurate system of measurement for Student Information Systems, School Management and it never copies or stores finger prints.  Instead it creates a unique binary code for each student's specific finger within a second, insuring maximum security of the student's identity.

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How can schools utilize scanning students fingers?

  • Attendance, easily keeps track of all school attendance, late arrivals or early outs. Students and parents can also track attendance and absences with secure portals.
  • Lunch Line, meal times move quickly, with the scanner system it also includes free and reduced lunches leaving students with less burdens, more lunch time and little stress.
  • Library Check in/out, eliminates the library cards missing, damaged, forgotten giving students more relaxed reading time, study hall use.
  • Bus/events, Leave the bus stop frenzy behind with the finger scanner it will automatically detect the right and wrong bus and also help count heads at school events, reducing errors for school transportation.
  • Health, no one likes emergencies or accidents, parents get an automatic notice when it is needed.
  • Safety, students are safe and secure with at touch of a finger parents and teachers know where their students are.

Benefits of the Finger Scanner System:


Saves you time, money and valuable resources.


    Cannot be lost, misplaced, forgotten or reproduced.

    Safe & Secure

    Teachers spend more time with students rather than on paperwork.

    Upon the subject of education I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.

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    Demo Library

    Finger Scanner in Action!