Education Improves With Student Data


Driving Student Data A Students Journey Core Data/MOSIS is the data collection systems managed by the Office of Data System Management at the Department. As a student starts school they are assigned a Unique ID at school and state level called MOSIS. Personal Identifying information Missouri Reports By State U.S. Department of Education Our mission is to promote student achievement … Read More

Students Take Control of Their Future

Getting the most out of their education building goals while promoting success. ¬†Students take control of their future through the student portal on eSchool Core. Education that is efficient for better managed time is key to the successful student. Student Portal Access Benefits: Attendance – This is one of the big factors to success, showing up on time, students can … Read More

Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your school lunch lines?

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Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your school operations? The eSchoolCore finger scanner system will not only save your school money, but allow more time for teaching, and less paperwork! What are the some of the key features that your school can benefit from our biometric finger scanning system? Our system ties directly with eSchoolCore’s … Read More